What makes us special?


There are so many reasons to chose The Ark that we couldn't possibly list them all! So here are just a few -


The Ark is a Teacher-Led Nursery

There is no better way to start your child's education than to have them taught by a fully qualified and experienced teacher. Most daycare centres are staffed by trained nursery nurses, who are absolutely fabulous, but we think a qualified teacher adds a little bit more! Click on the tab at the side to find out more.

We are aware that every child has a way of learning that is unique to them. As a result, we work tirelessly each and every day to provide a stimulating, challenging and positive learning environment through a play-based curriculum (encompassing physical, cognitive, linguistic, SMSC and emotional types of learning), so that each child that attends has the best opportunities to shine.  


Our professional, enthusiastic and qualified team work hard to improve learning, by regularly expanding the environment indoors and outside that provide challenging adaptations and next steps, for all individuals and for their individual assessments.

Our Nursery and Main School grounds are set out in a child-friendly and organised manner, providing children with experiences in gardening, imagination, creativity, curiosity, physical development and enhanced learning outdoors. All these promote optimum opportunities of learning for all children.

Activities always start at the simplest level, working upwards within a child-centred approach, to give your child confidence to develop slowly but positively forward, towards their ultimate goal of understanding.


We use detailed observations and assessments to support your child across all seven areas of the early learning foundation stage. We encourage all children to work at their own levels, where they can extend their learning through exploration and trial and improvement. All these experiences are then enhanced by our highly qualified staff, to ensure all characteristics of learning are catered for.

As we work so closely with our Reception class and participate in joint events with our Main School throughout the year, we feel our Nursery pupils are far better equipped for a smoother transition to the start of their early school career. 


Our provision works within the ‘EYFS’ – (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines and is regulated by Ofsted.


The Ark's Amazing Facilities

As The Ark is a school nursery it has access to all of the main school resources. That means your child will have access to so many amazing things. Here are just a few -

  • A large playing field with trim trail and tyre park, and a woodland area with full bushcraft resources.

  • A wonderful array of Computing resources, laptops, Ipads, tablets as well as lots of the other computing tools that the school has.

  • Access to fully qualified pastoral mentors who can help with social and emotional development and family support.

  • Support from the school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator and access to further support services such as Educational Psychologists.

  • We provide wonderful healthily prepared meals from our main school kitchen and we promote eating sensibly. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and meeting all dietary/medical requirements of our pupils. All our food is as NUT-FREE as possible and we expect the same from any foods prepared at home and brought in via packed lunches to ensure children with nut allergies are kept safe. Any foods found to contain nuts will have to be removed and these will be returned to you at the end of the day.


The Ark is a Church of England Nursery

Being part of a Church of England school means that The Ark shares the core Christian Values and ethos. This means that your child will be loved and cared for as part of a family. Our recent inspection reports praised the level of care we give each and every child.



What makes us special?

Teacher led vs


Our amazing curriculum

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